Friday, February 8, 2013

Morning Reflections

I went on a lovely walk through Sabino Canyon this morning. I met up with a wonderful friend who commented on my being “a morning person”. She is a more recent friend, which is perhaps obvious to those who have known me for a while. She was just reflecting on my fast-ish pace, talkativeness, and overall energy it seems. I would have made the same comment about someone else. I did pull out my iPhone and play Reba McIntyre's Gonna Take That Mountain, so it was a fair call. I have only recently become an early riser.  It sort of just happened that one day last October I started waking up around 5am and I have been getting up around that time most days since. It is somewhat of a phenomenon. Ok, that might be a bit exaggerated, but my entire life has been marked by my being a night owl. Even as a child, I didn't like going to bed until late, and hated getting up even more so. So basically overnight I went from being a night person, to a morning person.

I've been thinking about this change. Is it a product of just getting older? I hear it is pretty common to experience such a change. Mine was rather sudden, though. I had a thought this morning while I was journaling that maybe the authentic me is really a morning person! Perhaps by getting in tune with who I am means I am freed to be genuine, even with myself.  With this new awareness, I discover that I embrace the day and no longer dread or resist sleep. This, I see, is what being a morning person is about for me. I am feeling, thinking, and living in the present. I am seeing things with new awareness, and learning not to be so hard on myself, or others. It makes for a lighter life.

There is a wonderful bonus to being an early riser.  Getting up at 5am means there is time for solitude which I enjoy while sitting on my patio. This is a welcomed new routine. I have a peaceful time to reflect on the previous day and think about and pray for what the new day may bring. It is usually very dark when I settle into my rocking patio chair. As I read, meditate, and reflect, I experience the dawning of the day and feel a connection to God and His Universe. What a gift.

Yes, I am happy to accept that I am a morning person!

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