Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Sew So Metaphor

On the way to work today I was thinking about how I have had to “undo” my life in order to rebuild it.  I was given this image of my mother's handiwork. She is quite a seamstress. I am not quite so gifted in this area, but I have watched and admired her as she put hours into making her own clothes or gifts for others.  There have been several occasions when I have witnessed her take a garment apart after having sewn for hours just because there was something that got “off” and it wasn't fitting correctly. In order for it to be useful or to the creative satisfaction she desired, she had to undo that effort and repair it, and then sew it correctly. There was often a search and discover period when she had to locate where the error was in piecing together the garment. It boggled my mind that she would invest so much energy into redoing it.  I thought couldn't she just “make do” or something of that matter? Or just discard that one and start over? She insisted that in the end it is well worth the effort. She said that she picked that fabric for a reason, selected that pattern, and that not all of the work to that point was a waste. 

I am feeling a lot like one of those garments.  In recognizing I need to be undone in order to be repaired is what has been happening. I have a lot of years invested in who I am and what I have accomplished. But I don’t want to just “make do” or certainly not be discarded. By allowing myself to be” taken apart” in a sense is providing the opportunity to rebuild and become who I really want to be and what I was created to be.  Sometimes a few stitches make a big difference. The material is still beautiful and there is a good pattern to follow.  And I am worth the investment. 


  1. I have loved to sew most of my life and fully agree with you mother. It has always been worth taking out the stitches to make it right. This metaphor really works for me. Thank you. Trish

  2. Thank you for posting my first comment! I'm glad to learn that you like to sew, too! I'm an appreciator or those talents... Sara

  3. Sara, I wholeheartedly agree with Trish. Your metaphor makes me giggle when I think about my attempts to sew...and my attempts at recovery.
    An ideal is presented to us and, based on our circumstances and life experience, we begin the process of creating a new piece of our life. It will NOT look like the ideal and it is unlikely that we will complete that piece without a few errors. Broken thread, misaligned seams, or a section completely backward. Such is life behind the seams!
    Keep sewing, my friend!