Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Celebrating in The Lane

Time for some celebrating!

Thursday, September 19 marks my 200th day of no smoking! I have had many days when I wanted to smoke, but I have not had even one cigarette. Kudos, Sara! Compliments, congratulations, and chips are all being accepted. I can picture your applause as I sail along my Healing Lane, smiling, fragrant, blooming, happy. Thanks, by the way.

Friday, September 20 I attend my high school class reunion. I had planned on being a bit slimmer, but I realized a few weeks back that better than a slim body, is a healthy body, mind, and soul! I am that! I have worked on being healthy and it is paying off. My physical health is the best it has been in a very long time (all health reports are good!). I am emotionally on the mend and can honestly say I am loving myself.  I will show up as the authentic, happy, spunky, social, caring, compassionate, genuinely grateful me. I'm ok with who I am. That is worth celebrating indeed!

Saturday, September 21 I attend my cousin's wedding shower. Yes, that is a celebration in itself. It is worth noting here because I have missed so many of these family events. I moved from Iowa over 29 years ago, and I have missed a lot of family events. A whole generation has happened in my absence. This divorce marks a desire to stay connected to family in a new way. Or perhaps it is my middle-age. Again, I get to not only attend, but be the person that they remember. The Sara that was embracing her adulthood with open arms has returned. They remember her, and they will be happy to see her. It is truly a wonderful homecoming.

Sunday, September 22 I will finish my trip with my parents, my precious Sophia, and my best high school pal and friend. Talk about being surrounded in love! I will have seen my brother, his kids, extended family, classmates, friends, and my beloved Iowa. Sometimes the Healing Lane takes me places that are just pure joy. That is when I take note to pause, enjoy, and mark the memory with smells, sights, and sounds that I may recall at a later time. The Lane has more ahead, and most assuredly, there will be days I will need to recall this time.

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